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Ten feathered supervisors

My days are never boring with ten hens helping out. Sunday I had many tasks to complete including planting my fig tree and digging out some overgrown beds. I can tell you that nothing gets by the girls. Here they are inspecting the hole I dug for my tree.

These chickens quickly learned the shovel means good food, so they were right there slurping worms faster than I could hide them. Yes, I do try to hide the worms from my chickens but I utterly failed on this day. I couldn't dig fast enough for them.

I'm learning to loosen the soil, let them dig and scratch, then come back and finish the job. They still supervise and get in the way but I enjoy them and they do get some of the creepier bugs I don't want around. So that is another day in the life of a small time nursery gardner.

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